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About Class and Me

Welcome to Mr. Osborne's class!

Grade 6 - Ancient History



Hello Parents and Guardians,


To make this year as successful as possible for you, please visit this site on a daily basis to check for updates on class news and other important information relating to our class.  Assignments and homework will be available through Google Classroom and you can see upcoming assignments and assessments on the page for your period.  The "Stream" homepage of Google Classroom will be kept as minimal as possible, and will only show the class schedule for the week, which will contain information and links for all activities for class.  If students are absent from school, they can check the schedule and keep up with work if possible.  


Please check the Genesis Parent Portal daily to keep up with any missing work! 


After ALL students have completed an assessment, a copy of the assessment with the student's answers will be shared with them.  It can be found in their "Shared With Me" folder in Google Drive.  They should move the file to their appropriate classroom folder.  

All grades for assessments will normally be posted within 24 hours of the time the student finishes the assessment.  Students will always be given a study guide a week prior to the assessment date.  It is highly recommended that the students take the time to complete the study guides.  

Students will have a grace period of 7 days after a project (supplemental assignment) is due to turn it in for a grade.  Projects will be accepted late for a maximum score of 90% credit (up to the final date of the marking period).


While we will not be using the textbook as a major source of information and learning in class, all students are encouraged to read corresponding sections of the book to supplement in class learning and activities.  


If you have any questions feel free to ask me before or after class, or e-mail me at [email protected] 

A Little About Me: 
I am currently in my 12th year of teaching and my 10th year here at Memorial.  I currently hold a Bachelor's Degree ('08) and Master's Degree ('14) from The College of New Jersey.  I completed my student teaching in Johannesburg, South Africa, where I taught at the American International School of Johannesburg.  While in Africa, I learned a lot about what it means to be a global citizen, and took time to travel the country and volunteer whenever possible.  
I have also been continuing my education beyond my Master's degree in order to stay up to date with current educational practices and developments.  Even though I have been in the classroom for over a decade now, I am still learning every single day, and that will never stop!
For the past nine years, I have been coaching the Spring Boys' and Girls' Track Team and am entering my fifth year as coach of the 6th and 7th Grade Boys' Soccer Team and fourth year as coach of the 6th and 7th Grade Girls' Basketball Team.  
My primary responsibility as a teacher is to keep my students safe.  A large part of that is making sure the students feel comfortable and know that my room is a safe environment to be.  I work very hard to ensure that ALL members of my classes are respected at all times, and feel free to take risks and understand that it is okay to be wrong or have questions.  As such, I have a ZERO tolerance policy for any harassment, intimidation, or bullying and make it clear to all my students that such behavior has no place in my classroom.  
Please see review my Back-to-School Night presentation below if you missed it or would like a refresher!  Thanks! 
Grade Breakdown for all classes: 

45 % - Assessments (3 per MP)

35 % - Applications (PBL) (3 per MP)

10 % - Project-Based Assessment (1 per MP)

5 % - Independent Practice (HW) (~10 per MP)

5 % - Achieve 3000 (2 per month)

Parent/guardian access- Genesis Parent Portal