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Andrew Bucci » Welcome to 6th Grade Social Studies

Welcome to 6th Grade Social Studies

Welcome to 6th Grade! During the course of the year you will learn how to be a historical detective and archaeologist as we discover early humans, explore Ancient Mesopotamia, search pyramids, unwrap mummies, visit old Roman and Mayan sport arenas, read Greek myths and more! Throughout the school year you will experience history through survival days, video games, music, escape rooms, and yes - books! Prepare for debates, political intrigue, wars, philosophical discussions, elections, dramas, and possibly a talking Sphinx?! I look forward to a hard-working yet exciting school year.

Mr. Andrew Bucci

6th Grade Social Studies


Please click this link for the HOMEWORK CALENDAR.




Grading Policy:


Applications (PBL)

PBA (individual)



3 minimum @ 45%

3 minimum @ 35%

1 @ 10%