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If everyone gets an award, does that make everyone a winner, or does it make no one a winner? In the latest episode of The Monarch Experience, Mr. Ancona chats with Masha, Greg, and Danielle about whether or not trophy culture is ruining society or if it fosters encouragement and participation. Are there long-term detriments to handing out participation trophies? Do current generations get unfairly blamed for the abundance of participation trophies handed out? Surprisingly, the origins of participation trophies date further back than you'd believe! There's plenty of insight and humor in this episode, and even if you don't receive a trophy for listening, you'll be glad you participated in the experience!

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Many students struggle with keeping organized with their assignments, especially as the school year goes on. Hopefully, the suggestions included in this article will help you keep organized as much as it helped me over the past 2 years in middle school.
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Payment Assistance for Gas and Electric (PAGE)

The Affordable Housing Alliance (AHA) has been providing housing and other support services for over 25 years in New Jersey. Utility assistance is one of the support services which AHA has been administering for over eight years. To find out more information about the Payment Assistance for Gas and Electric (PAGE) click on the attached letter from the AHA. The funds from PAGE are available to help our fellow NJ residents who are struggling to keep up with their utility bills.
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