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Dear Appy

By: Madelyn Valle
Concept and Title Credit to Mrs. Farrell

During middle school, students have to deal with copious amounts of homework, studying, tests and quizzes. Many people receive assignment pads at the beginning of the year to write all of these academic assignments down. However, many students stop using these a few months into the new school year. Some may have lost their assignment pads, or merely found that recording all of their work was too tedious for them. Having these assignments recorded is often helpful though, and there are many other ways to keep track of all the hectic madness in the school year. Here are some ways to keep yourself organized.

Try joining Remind, an app that allows teachers to send their students texts reminding them of assignments and assessments. Some teachers in this school have Remind. If you sign up and enter your teacher’s code, you will receive messages from your teacher consisting of all of your assignments, upcoming quiz and test dates, and upcoming due dates. While not all teachers have this app, the classes that you can join will still prove to be useful.

Another app that you can use is Google Keep. Google Keep allows you to make checklists, add notes, and make reminders. It’s helpful because most of the work we do is online, and it’s more convenient to record assignments by typing rather than writing. When you open your computer to do an assignment, you can open the Google Keep app and type the assignment with its due date. You can add this program to your toolbar or bookmark bar so you can open it up, just like Google Search. It’s really great.

While these other programs are very helpful, one more program you can use is Google Calendar. With your school account, all your Google assignments will already be listed on the calendar, which is extremely useful. You can also add other events and dates to the calendar. It is good for getting organized.

Many students struggle with keeping organized with their assignments, especially as the school year goes on. Hopefully, the suggestions included in this article will help you keep organized as much as it helped me over the past 2 years in middle school.