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Spanish 6 DEF Period 8-Sra. Crimeni Assignments

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EL TIEMPO PROJECT in Google Classroom


Read the instructions carefully.  Create a slide project using all the information given.  We will be working on this in class for the next few days.  Will be graded as an Assessment.

Past Assignments


#10 Para Hacer Ahora-El Tiempo in Google Classroom

#10 Para Hacer Ahora-El Tiempo

Open Easel with Google.  Read instructions carefully.  Answer all of the questions with a SPANISH weather expression that best fits each question.

Will be graded as Quiz.  (you can use your Picto-Dictionary Doc and Quizlet.


MP1 El Cuaderno de Español in Google Classroom

MP1 El Cuaderno de Español

¡Bienvenidos! Welcome to your Spanish Classroom!
Use the document below to complete your daily Do Nows (Para hacer ahora) for this class. Be sure to fill in the date and your answers. It is not necessary to copy questions unless directed to do so in the Do Now instructions.
This assignment is due at the end of the marking period and will count as a supplemental grade.


Todo Sobre Mi in Google Classroom

Todo Sobre Mi

Complete Todo Sobre Mi (be creative)
To be collected and graded as supplemental.
Due Monday, September 23

**Please see attached if you can not find your hand-out given in class.