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Dr. Farrell's Life Science Homepage


In Dr. Farrell's science class, scientific processes are fundamental.  Over the course of study, in accordance with Next Generation Science Standards, students shall develop problem-solving, decision-making, and inquiry skills reflected by formulating usable questions and hypotheses, planning experiments, engaging in design processes, making systematic observations, interpreting and analyzing data, drawing conclusions, and communicating results. Accurate use of scientific vocabulary to express clear, logical thoughts supported by evidence and resoning to support claims will be developed.


Based on NJCCCS and The Partnership for 21st Century Skills, students shall engage in peer review and other collaborative activities to develop team-building, compromising, and leadership skills.  In addition, students shall reflect on taking responsibility for personal actions and for contributing to group activities.  Communication, creativity, collaboration, and critical thinking are emphasized.


Please feel free to reach me via email at [email protected]



District Grading Policy

Per Marking Period:

3 Assessments (45%)

3 Applications (40%)

Online Programs (5%)

Independent Practice (5%)